Monday, June 23, 2014

Special issue call for papers from New Library World on Information Behaviour and Practice

Special issue call for papers from New Library World on Information Behaviour and Practice

New Library World is planning to publish a special issue exploring Information Behaviour and Practice in general, with a focus more specifically on implications for library and information services. This issue will be jointly guest edited by Dr Allen Foster and Dr Pauline Rafferty of Aberystwyth University.


We are looking for articles which deal with both theoretical and practical aspects of information behaviour. 

Topics of interest include but are not restricted to:  
  • Models and theories of information seeking behaviour
  • Information seeking behaviours in the digital age
  • The Google Generation
  • Information seeking behaviours of specific groups of information users
  • Reading, information behaviour and the library
  • Context in information behaviour 
  • Everyday life information seeking
  • From information seeking  behaviour to Information practice
  • Implications for academic libraries of students’ information seeking behaviour
  • Information seeking in public libraries
  • Serendipity and incidental information acquisition
  • From information behaviour to designing information systems
  • Information behaviour: relationships between structure and agency
  • Information spaces and information behaviour
  • Convenience and information seeking
  • The impact of mobile devices on information behaviour 
  • The affective dimension of information seeking
Research papers, case studies and best practice papers will be considered.

More about the special issue theme

Information seeking behaviour remains an area of importance in  information science and librarianship, perhaps even more so in the digital age. This special issue is an opportunity to share contemporary ideas in information behaviour, as well as practice models and methods which originate from (or are of relevance to) any branch of the LIS discipline, sub-discipline and wider information profession.  


Please submit manuscripts for consideration using our online submission platform by 31st July 2014.

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