Monday, October 08, 2012

Publishing Opportunity: Puerto del Sol Journal

Publishing Opportunity: Puerto del Sol Journal

Bullfighting in Spain, fly fishing in Montana, the American pastoral passion for baseball, the sweet science of boxing just about anywhere—all have inspired writers. Often, the well-made poem or story and the sport well played connect in magical and complicated ways. Of course, the topic of sport is not only sport, it’s a prism through which to view our perfectionism, our ideas about race and gender, the ways we cope with the limits of the body, and the human heart.

Some of the issues we hope to explore have to do with the excesses of college sport against the goals of liberal education, women writers’ relationships to this traditionally male-dominated field, or the impact of race on the middle-class spectator. Or whatever is compelling, addictive, dangerous, euphoric, and frustrating about sports.

Because we are familiar with your writing, we believe you have some interest and affinities with our current theme. We’d like to ask you to send Puerto del Sol fiction, poetry, essays, (and whatever falls between) to consider for our next issue, themed: Game Time: Sport and the World.

Get in the game—send us your best unpublished sport-themed writing by December 10.
Rus Bradburd
Puerto del Sol
NMSU –English Dept.
Las Cruces, NM   88003
Or send it electronically: