Tuesday, January 25, 2011

STS CALL FOR RESEARCH PAPERS (Research Committee of the ACRL Science and Technology Section)

STS CALL FOR RESEARCH PAPERS (Research Committee of the ACRL Science and Technology Section)

The Research Committee of the ACRL Science and Technology Section is hosting its Annual Research Forum at the 2011 American Library Association Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA.

The Research Forum provides an excellent opportunity to share recent research or research ideas addressing issues in science and technology librarianship. The Committee will utilize a “blind” review process to select proposals from the following two categories:

1. Featured Paper Presentation. The Featured Paper Presentation is 30 minutes in length and is followed by a thoughtful critique from a guest commentator who offers suggestions on how to prepare the paper for publication. Proposals should reflect research that has been completed or initiatives that have already been implemented. At a minimum, significant progress should have been made toward completion or implementation.
2. Short Paper Presentations. Short Papers are 10 minutes in length and may reflect research or initiatives that have been completed or are currently in progress. Short papers may also solicit feedback on research ideas that are being formulated, outlining possible approaches and asking attendees and the guest commentator for their response.

We encourage proposals for papers relating to the following program theme:”Innovation in an age of Limits” While the tendency in hard economic times is to be conservative and avoid risks, this environment creates the need, and opportunities, to innovate. STS began 50 years ago in an era of seemingly unlimited possibilities, with the Cold War driving investment in scientific research, big technology, and higher education. Now we face grand challenges in science, engineering and library services. Current economic conditions are limiting, but our only real limit is our ability to innovate.

One Featured Paper proposal and two Short Paper proposals will be selected. Criteria for proposal selections are as follows:

For an empirical study, an abstract should include:

- The problem stated in one sentence if possible
- The objects, people, or behavior being studied (Manual says “participants” and relevant characteristics)
- Essential features of the methodology
- Basic findings, including statistical limitations such as confidence intervals
- Conclusions, implications, or applications

For a case study, an abstract should include:

- The subject or characteristics of the objects studied
- The nature of the problem and solution illustrated by the case
- Questions for additional study

(from APA Style Manual, 6th Edition, pp. 26-27.)

In addition, the proposal should:

- Present ideas in a manner that is well written, clear, logical and well organized.
- Develops a topic that is original, timely and relevant to science/technology librarianship.
- Contribute to the advancement of science librarianship.
- Demonstrate innovative thinking.
- Contribute ideas for positioning librarians to be leaders both on and off campus.
- Define strategies for effectively implementing new ideas and technology.

An abstract not exceeding 250 words should indicate presentation category (Featured or Short Paper) and convey the title and purpose of the project. Please outline the following elements; its scope, methodology, conclusions, and relevance to science and technology librarianship. Be sure to include your name, institution, phone, and e-mail address. Please indicate at the end of your abstract if the project has been submitted to other conferences, for publication in a journal, or has been published or presented before.

Acceptance of proposals reflects a commitment by the author(s) to provide presentations of 10 minutes (Short Paper) or 30 minutes (Feature Paper) at the ALA Annual Conference in Washington, DC.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACTS: Extended to: Tuesday, February 15. Review of submissions will begin immediately by the STS Research Committee. Abstracts should be submitted via e-mail to Diana D. Shonrock, shonrock@iastate.edu , Co-Chair of the STS Research Committee.