Thursday, January 06, 2011

CALL FOR PAPERS e-Cornucopia.2011: The Open Digital University

CALL FOR PAPERS e-Cornucopia.2011: The Open Digital University

Call for Papers
The topic for the annual e-Learning and Instructional Support conference at Oakland University is openness in education. At this year’s conference the break-out sessions will be divided into three tracks: Open Education, Open Access (journals), and Open Source (computer code). Date: Thursday May 26, 2011 in the Oakland Center at Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan.

The e-Cornucopia OPEN Digital University conference will have three tracks: Open Source, Open Access and Open Education.

Track One--Open Education
Possible Topics: (Any other topics relevant to Open Education also will be welcome.)

• The use of specific platforms for globally accessible educational content such as iTunes U or YouTube or homegrown webpages.
• Non-traditional learning spaces such as Hackerspaces.
• Implications for the economic future of the university under the open education model
• What are the legal and intellectual property implications of open education for faculty?
• Global sharing of open digital learning objects and easily accessible resources for teaching.

Track Two--Open Access Possible Topics: (Any other topics relevant to Open Access also will be welcome.)

• Open Access Journals – Benefits and challenges of publishing open access journals, from the publisher’s perspective.
• Open Access Publishing – Why faculty should care – tenure and impact factor
• Institutional Repositories – Development and current trends, role in OA.. Role of librarians in promoting OA and digital preservation..
• Open Access Research – Scientific and medical research – government mandates, Public library of science, OA data sets.
• Open Access - Intellectual Property/Copyright & Creative Commons

Track Three--Open Source
Possible Topics: (Any other topics relevant to Open Source also will be welcome.)

• Linux - the most popular open source operating system. An intro to what Linux is, what uses it (you may be using it and not know it), how it's made, and how it may be useful to you.
• Open Source Media Editing - an introduction to the Kdenlive video editor, Audacity audio editor, and GIMP Image editor.
• Open Social Networking - Run your own "Facebook" with
• Open Hardware - the benefits of using Open Hardware like the Arduino micro-controller and 3D printers like the Reprap or Makerbot.
• Open Conferencing Software - Big Blue Button is a emerging Open Source competitor to dimdim, WizIQ, and Elluminate.
• Open Learning Management System - Moodle... "How we deployed it and why" or "Moodle 2.0".
• Open Mobile - Android and Meego vs. iOS and Windows Mobile. Open vs. Closed. The pros and cons for the companies, the developers and the users.

Proposal Submission Deadline: Please submit a 200 word abstract of your presentation proposal by Feb. 15, 2011. A presentation session will last 40 minutes with an additional 10 minutes for questions. A projector and laptop will be available.

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