Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Collaborative Librarianship: Call for Papers

Collaborative Librarianship: Call for Papers
URL: http://www.collaborativelibrarianship.org/

Collaborative Librarianship: Call for Participation – January 11, 2011 – (Denver CO) – Consider joining the groundswell of support for library collaboration: volunteer to become a peer reviewer for the scholarly, open access, online journal, Collaborative Librarianship. All related subject/interest areas are welcomed. To register as a peer reviewer, please go to the home page, click “Register” tab, and provide the information. (Email address and other information given are strictly confidential and for use only by Collaborative Librarianship.) You can also contact directly the General Editor, Ivan Gaetz: igaetz@regis.edu.

Collaborative Librarianship: Call for Papers – Are you involved in some interesting, innovative or experimental aspect of library collaboration? Is your library exploring or implementing resources or services that build on, promote, or expand the scope of library collaboration? Are you critically reflecting on the methodology, theory or philosophy of why and how librarians, libraries or library consortia work together? If so, we would like to hear from you! Please consider submitting articles for “peer review” or “From the Field” sections of Collaborative Librarianship. Submissions can be made directly through the CL website. Issues will be published in March, June, September and December, 2011.

Inquiries about submissions could be made by contacting Ivan Gaetz, or by contacting the section editors listed on the journal’s website.