Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SciTech News Call for Articles

SciTech News Call for Articles
URL: http://jdc.jefferson.edu/scitechnews/

SciTech News is looking for a few good authors!

If you have a research project, a new service in your library, a new instructional method, or other information you’d like to share with your colleagues, please consider writing for SciTech News. In addition to the regular articles, we now have a refereed section. Colleagues will review your article and provide feedback. Accepted articles will be published in the new electronic SciTech News. This is an excellent venue to get your research and ideas out to a group of interested readers and get that important refereed article for your dossier or annual review. For additional information, contact Editor James Manasco
(james.manasco@louisville.edu) or Review Board Chair Bonnie Osif (bao2@psu.edu). Articles for the refereed section may be submitted to the Review Board Chair at bao2@psu.edu.