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BIALL Conference Newcastle 2011 - Call for Papers

BIALL Conference Newcastle 2011 - Call for Papers

Sharing Experience – Building Best Practice Models for the Legal Information Profession
BIALL 42nd Annual Study Conference & Exhibition
Thursday 16 June 2011 to Saturday 18 June 2011, The Sage at Gateshead, Newcastle

The BIALL Conference Committee Call for Papers is out now. Our Programme roadmap 'Sharing Experience - Building Best Practice Models for the Legal Information Profession' reflects our commitment to professional sharing and learning, and via direct feedback on the 2010 Conference.

Do you have an innovative project you can share? Perhaps you can provide some useful advice to demonstrate best practice? Or maybe reflect on successful techniques around cross department working?

Potential first time speaker? New blood is essential to the longevity of our profession, and variety of our Programme. Please tell us your ideas...and then you can tell everyone else during one of the sessions!

We look forward to receiving your submissions.


The British and Irish Association of Law Librarians (BIALL) was formed in 1969. It is an independent and self-supporting body which was established to represent the interests of legal information professionals, and other suppliers of legal literature and reference materials, in the United Kingdom and Ireland. There are over 700 members of BIALL, both personal and institutional. Almost every legal information unit is represented - academic legal research libraries, units in commercial, technical and industrial concerns, the courts and government departments. The diversity of the membership is one of BIALL's strengths as the members form a close network and share specialist knowledge and concerns, learning from the experience of others.


In 2011 BIALL plans to offer a programme to reflect the collaborative approach that exists within our profession, where those who have knowledge, skills and expertise gained through project based experiences can share their proficiency and “tools of the trade”. The ultimate aim of “sharing experiences” is to develop “best practice” models for delegates.

Common to all in the legal information profession is the requirement to keep abreast of:

• Trends in the provision and delivery of legal information both in-house and outsourced
• Training requirements of our users
• Priorities in collection development
• Emerging technologies
• Trends in the legal information publishing environment
• Increasing the visibility of our information units
• Trends in knowledge management
• Management skills and personal development

Under the umbrella of the various headings listed above, the Association would specifically like to cover the following topics during the 2011 Conference. Some practical, participative sessions are encouraged:

• Outsourcing – an objective assessment
• “Competitive Intelligence” – how can the legal information department contribute to this process
• Overviews of the business side of a law firm
• Compiling and delivering a quality and effective training programme to users/ students to equip them with the actual skill set required for their end task
• Innovative methods of training such as online courses and new technologies
• How to make effective decisions and negotiate constructively with publishers in relation to collection development; hard copy v soft copy or both?
• The benefits and pitfalls of using Cloud computing technologies
• The implications of introducing Ebook technology
• How to keep on the right side of copyright legislation
• Customer focused marketing of the Library and Information Service
• Preparing and presenting budgets to decision makers; managing an effective tendering process
• How to implement an effective staff appraisal system to motivate staff
• How to enhance presentation skills

This list is by no means exhaustive and submissions for alternative presentations are most welcome.

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