Friday, March 13, 2009




Deadline is 3/27

Net Initiatives For Tough Times: Digital Publishing, Preservation & Practices

We live and work in challenging times. How can our digital practices solve our current dilemmas? Internet pioneer, Vint Cerf, who has been called one of the "Fathers of the Internet" and is currently VP & Chief Internet Evangelist at Google, believes that the Internet and WWW are still young, yet are "poised to become the greatest communications platform humanity has ever known." Cerf is the opening keynote speaker at Internet Librarian 2009 and begins the discussions of our conference theme, ‘Net Initiatives for Tough Times: Digital Publishing, Preservation & Practices.' This theme emphasizes creative and innovative Internet techniques and practices being used in library and information services to meet today's challenges -- the many creative ways in which information is published, accessed and shared by libraries, information professionals and their communities. The conference highlights leading edge practices for connecting, communicating, learning, innovating and more. It focuses on exciting new initiatives and innovations in all types of information enterprises, tools and techniques for enhancing user-friendly digital information flows, fresh ideas for traditional and emerging roles and values of information professionals, information discovery and visualization methods for dealing with today's information overload, building new communities and supporting online connections in engaging ways.

Join us at the most comprehensive conference for library and information professionals interested in technology to discover the insights, strategies and practices that allow us to push the envelope in expanding the net, manage libraries and digital information, and enhance
the information sharing and learning experience of people in our communities. Internet Librarian 2009 provides attendees with many chances to meet and hear from leading edge information professionals in all types of environments – leaders in the information industry who are integrating content and delighting their clients, organizing and managing digital content in creative ways, setting the context for excellence in information utilization in their organizations, revolutionizing the roles of info pros, building strong collaborative communities among their customers and colleagues, and using new technologies in creative and exciting ways. his conference encourages you to bring and share your ideas and champion new practices – this is where ideas and action come together, where innovation ignites.


(suggestions only ­ the more creative the topic, the better!)
* Creative Funding of Tech Initiatives
* Using Tech for Results in Tough Times
* Leading Edge Technologies & Libraries
* Library Apps for New Social Media
* Integrating Content for Creative Products
* Streamlining user online experiences
* User generated content & services
* 2.0 Roles for Info Pros
* Leading Edge Digital Library Practices
* Wireless campuses & communities
* Improving Digital Info Flows & Access
* Identifying & Working with Information Partners
* Usability & Web Site Functionality
* Cool tools for navigating & searching content
* Web 2.0 & Library 2.0 strategies & services
* Semantic web strategies and applications
* Social Computing Tools for Libraries
* Managing digitally & Building digital collections
* Internet librarians & Careers in Search
* Next generation ebook strategies & policies
* Designing for Web devices & appliances
* Taxonomies & auto-categorization tools
* Knowledge Management Strategies for Internet Librarians
* Desktop strategies for information access
* Publishing Techniques for Info Pros
* Streamlining Intranet Management
* Identifying quality Internet resources
* Navigating strategies & techniques
* Integrating K-12 Curriculum & Net Technology
* Web development tools & techniques