Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Call for Submissions – Rethinking Resource Sharing Innovation Awards

Call for Submissions – Rethinking Resource Sharing Innovation Awards


The Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative was started to advocate for a complete rethink of the way libraries conduct resource sharing in the context of the global internet revolution. In order to showcase resource sharing innovation, the Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative has created an award to encourage libraries and librarians all over the world to make changes in how they do resource sharing and improve service to users.

Up to three winning submissions will be awarded a cash prize of $1,000 each. Recipients will be announced at the Rethinking Resource Sharing Forum 2009 on May 13 and 14, 2009 in Dublin, OH. Funding for the 2009 Innovation Awards is provided by the Alliance of Library Service Networks www.librarynetworks.org, a group of U.S. independent regional networks that includes Amigos, BCR, FEDLINK, ILLINET, INCOLSA, MINITEX, MLC, MLNC, NELINET, Nylink, OHIONET, PALINET, SOLINET, and WiLS. The Nebraska Library Commission is also a member.

To be considered for the award, please submit a description of the user-centric service change you have made that has improved resource sharing in your library, consortium or state. Full details for submission can be found at www.rethinkingresourcesharing.org.

The deadline for applications/nominations is March 30, 2009. (post-mark or date of e-mail).

Submissions are sent to the chair of the Rethinking Resource Sharing Innovation Awards Committee:

Beth Farmer
Assistant Director
Tampa Bay Library Consortium
1202 Tech Blvd., Ste 202
Tampa, FL 33619