Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tech Watch Column - Michigan Libraries (bi-monthly newsletter)

Tech Watch Column - Michigan Libraries (bi-monthly newsletter)

The Michigan Library Association puts out a bi-monthly newsletter called, "Michigan Libraries". In it, there is a featured column called "Tech Watch", which highlights new and innovative technology in the library setting.

You may already have written it--the overview of a new technology for your Board, the quick tips for your faculty or staff, the pros and cons of a technology solution for your committee, hidden gems for your students.

Topics in the past have included the use of Google tools for reference needs, hot business reference resources, a handy Firefox extension, and user testing of websites.

We want to hear from you! Possible new topics include: RFID projects, federated searching, Web 2.0 or just something new that your library is doing with technology.

AUDIENCE: the wide range of workers in libraries, trustees, and advocates
LENGTH: 500-800 words, pictures accepted
DUE DATES (pick one):
March/April 2008 issue, column due: March 10
May/June 2008 issue, column due: May 10
July/August 2008 issue, column due: July 10

To volunteer, send email to Ben Sebrowski (
Please describe your proposed topic and indicate any date preference you may have.