Thursday, February 14, 2008

CFP: UNAK'08: Information = Diversity and Awareness (Turkey)

CFP: UNAK'08: Information: Diversity and Awareness (Turkey) (for all detail)
Location: Yasar University-Izmir, Turkey in 9th-11th October 2008

At the present day, rapidly increasing information and constantly developing information technologies in various science fields have brought up information services being given quicker, more efficiently and economically in this field. In conformity with this, during the production, presentation and accession of information, it has obliged information professionals, computer specialists and librarians to work together.

UNAK General Meetings, performed in different universities in Turkey every year since 2001, This year It will be held in Yasar University-Izmir, Turkey in 9th-11th October 2008, under the name of ‘‘Information: Diversity and Awareness’’.

We are very proud to be attendance of this conference, and very glad that you come to participate in this conference.
• Information Management
• Information Systems
• Information Network
• Information Security
• Information Marketing
• Information Centers and Services
o Collection Management
o Bibliographic Control
o User Services
o Reference Services
o Periodicals
• Indexing
• Electronic Content Management
• e-Books and e-Journal
• Non-governmental Organizations(NGO)
• Consortium
• Open Source Archive
• Search Engine
• New Generation Information Services
o Web 2.0
 Social Network
o Web 3.0
 Semantic Web Site
• Publishing and e-Publishing
• Archive and Archive Systems
o Institutional Information and Document Management
o Digital Archive
• Copyright
• Innovation
• European Union(EU) Process
• Education, Life Long Education, Distance Education
• Information Literacy

Important Date
• 01.07.2008 Deadline for sending Presentation Title and Summary
• 15.09.2008 Deadline for Paper Submission
• 06.10.2008 Deadline for Participants