Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's time to submit Hackfest projects!

It's time to submit Hackfest projects!

Hello from the Access 2006 conference!

Following a well-established tradition, Access 2006 invites you to submit project suggestions for Hackfest 2006, to be held this year in Ottawa, Ontario, on October 11.

Hackfest projects can be about nearly anything related to libraries and online information. Is there some mashup you want to see that would be useful in libraries? Or a new feature in your old system, or some whole new idealized app that just doesn't exist anywhere yet? Some new technical something you maybe can't build yourself but you're sure "somebody should"?

Perfect! Tell us about it!

Not every suggestion is used ... and please keep in mind that we're together for only one short day ... but many are, with the results made public during the conference. Sometimes projects even take on a life of their own after Hackfest! But you are under no continuing obligation -- just send your idea and we'll run with it.

Even if you are not planning to attend Access and Hackfest, submit your great idea! Past projects have come from attendees and non-attendees, both.

Please visit http://www.hackfest.ding.ca/ for more information on project ideas and the submission form; or follow the link from the main Hackfest page http://www.access2006.uottawa.ca/?page_id=13

On behalf of the Hackfest coordinating team,

Donna Dinberg
Dan Chudnov