Wednesday, September 20, 2006

EndUser 2007 Call for Presenters – Cataloging Track

EndUser 2007 Call for Presenters – Cataloging Track
Schaumburg, Illinois, USA (Chicago area)26-28 April 2007
Deadline: October 21, 2006


This is the official Call for Presenters for the Cataloging Track at EndUser 2007. Presentations related to the basic components of the cataloging process -- bibliographic, holdings, and item records, plus authority control -- as well as bulk import, cataloging of electronic resources, label creation, diacritics, Batchcat, withdrawals, bibliographic linking, innovative approaches to cataloging workflow, ARS module and cataloging, Voyager v.6.1 and OCLC Connexion, creative ways to solve cataloging problems, and any other aspect of cataloging. We all know there are tips and tricks waiting to be presented.

Please submit the proposal submission form for the EndUser 2007 by the deadline is October 21, 2006 at


Connie Haley, Chicago State University,
System Librarian
Chicago State University Library/ Lib-203
Chicago, IL 60628
Phone: 773-995-2498
Fax: 773-821-2422