Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Computers in Libraries (Topics for 2007 available)

Computers in Libraries (Topics for 2007 available)

How to write for Computers in Libraries:

FAQ: Writing for Computers in Libraries:

NOTE: Please see the website for more information. This is a great resource for librarians and they are excellent to work with (I have two articles there over the years -- Corey)

Here are the topics for next year (check the site for the deadlines...each issue is different):

January - The New Face of Libraries(social networking, everything 2.0, gaming, virtual worlds)

February - Librarians Learning and Relearning (new roles, skills, and mission statements)

March - Scanning, Digitizing, Preserving (strategies & equipment for digitizing and archiving info)

April - The Latest on Standards (primers, updates, explanations)

May - Physical Space, Digital Space (bringing patrons into libraries, training them to use digital data)

June - Legal Issues in Libraries (copyright, PATRIOT Act experiences, security, privacy)

July/August - The Annual Computers in Libraries Buyer's Guide & Consultants Directory —

September Serving Remote and Mobile Users (making library content available across the

October - 21st-Century Library Systems (the coming generation of ILS & OPAC software)

November/December - Hip High-Tech (library technology on the cutting edge)

Please check the site for deadlines!