Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Computers in Libraries - 2005 topics posted

Computers in Libraries - 2005 topics posted
Deadline: Ongoing

Computers in Libraries has posted the topics for the 2005 issues. (NOTE: This is a great writing opportunity and they are great to work with.)

The topics include:

  • Small-Library & Do-It- Yourself Technologies(products for smaller libraries and those you’ve built or customized yourself)

  • Using Technology to Build Relationships(RSS feeds, blogs, chat, listservs, alert services, community calendars, online surveys & newsletters)

  • Keeping Your Network Secure(firewalls, security hardware and software, anti-spyware solutions, authentication)

  • Digital Asset Management(setting up solutions to store and access e-reserves, e-journals, repositories; ownership & licensing)

  • Open Access/Open Source(the latest technology for open source, OpenURL, open repositories, metasearch, federated search)

  • The Technology of Library Politics(systems you’ve set up to deal with privacy/RFID, filters, USA PATRIOT Act, CIPA/COPA, patron info management)

  • Tech Training: Keeping Staff Up-to-Speed(dealing with evolving roles, learning curves, and technostress)

  • Designing GUIs to Fit User Behavior(evaluating user reactions in order to design better interfaces, portals, and Web sites)

  • Hip High-Tech (library technology on the cutting edge)

For more information, visit:

The deadlines for proposals run from October 1, 2004 - June 1, 2005 (depending on the issue) and the articles are dues typically one to two months after the proposal deadline.