Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Call for contributors: Literature Review Articles and Brief Reviews of Books and Products

Call for contributors: Literature Review Articles and Brief Reviews of Books and Products

Interested in digging into the published literature, or exploring new tools? The Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication is excited to announce a new Literature Review Articles section and a revamped Brief Reviews of Books and Products section, and to call for contributors to both.


Literature Review Articles

As a growing area of practice within librarianship, scholarly communication has amassed a body of literature that is already substantial, and growing at an accelerating rate. To help scholarly communications librarians and others inform their practice with the available research, and to assist new and experienced authors in building upon the existing literature, JLSC will begin publishing peer-reviewed literature review articles in a new section of the journal.
 Literature review articles contain an analysis and commentary of the publications on a specific area of research.  In larger subject areas, the review may point to significant works in that topic; new and emergent areas might have a small enough body of knowledge to be covered in its entirety.  The purpose of a literature review article is to describe the general state or condition of the topic under consideration and to analyze and critique the latest trends and developments in that topic.  
 If you are interested in writing a literature review article, please see the section guidelines for instructions, and contact the Editors-in-Chief, Mark Newton and Melanie Schlosser (editors@jlsc-pub.org), with questions.
The editors thank the members of the Editorial Board task force whose work contributed to the development of this new section of the journal: Adrian Ho, Chair (University of Kentucky), Danny Kingsley (Cambridge University), Dong Joon Lee (Texas A&M University), and Leah Vanderjagt (University of Alberta).

Brief Reviews of Books and Products

Scholarly communication is a broad, dynamic field, and keeping up with new resources can be challenging. To help draw attention to books and products of interest to the community, JLSC has launched a new reviews program under the guidance of Reviews Editors Carmen Mitchell (California State University San Marcos) and Michaela Willi Hooper (Oregon State University). The newly revamped Brief Reviews of Books and Products section will publish reviews of new books on scholarly communication, open access, intellectual property, innovations in publishing, institutional repositories, and other topics within JLSC’s scope. We also accept reviews of products that are either new or of growing significance within the scholarly communication community (see 101 Innovations in Scholarly Communication for examples of such products).
Would you be interested in helping your community learn about current, important books and products? We are seeking librarians and other scholarly communications professionals to write brief (500-1000 word) reviews of books or products that are relevant to the community. You can write a review of a resource you choose, or email the reviews editors and we will share a list of books/products for which a review has been requested.
Have you written a book or developed a product (platform, tool, software, app, website, etc.) that you would like to see reviewed in JLSC? Please email the reviews editors and we will add it to the list we share with reviewers. Because these reviews are intended to be independent and critical rather than promotional, we do not accept reviews written by authors, publishers, or developers of the work under review.
For further information and guidelines for authors of the Brief Reviews, please see the Guidelines for Brief Reviews of Books and Products. Contact Carmen and Michaela at jlscreviews@jlsc-pub.org.