Thursday, January 05, 2017

CFP: Library Management and Collection Building (Emerald Journals)

Library Management and Collection Building, are currently welcoming submissions on a selection of topics.

Library Management is particularly interested in covering:

·         Approaches to stakeholder relationship management
·         Developments in user experience
·         Project management/organisational change management
·         Leadership, and talent management & development
·         Approaches to environmental sustainability.

Collection Building is looking to publish on the:

·         ‘Collection’ and management of files and data by academic libraries, in the service of the research and teaching purpose of universities
·         ‘Collection’ of files and data for wider organisation planning purposes
·         Academic library curriculum mapping
·         Collection assessment as part of wider library assessment
·         Co-operative and collaborative ‘collection’ of cultural heritage artefacts, including where technology enables innovative approaches
·         Public libraries as centers for civic engagement, digital inclusion, lifelong learning and for health and wellbeing information
·         ‘Collection’ development and the use of space. 

If any of these areas are a good match for you, please consider submission.  Both journals use the ScholarOne Manuscripts online system.  See here for Collection Building and here for Library Management.