Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Call for Proposals: College Library Information on Policy and Practice (CLIPP)

The ARCL/CLS CLIPP Committee is hard at work launching a new series of publications, College Library Information on Policy and Practice (CLIPP)

Like their predecessors, CLIP Notes (which have been dormant since 2011), CLIPPs will provide college and small university libraries with examples of library practices, policies, and procedures, but they will include a more thorough literature review and more rigorous statistical analysis than was typical for CLIP Notes.

To make CLIPPs a success, we need your help!
  • What topics would you be interested in seeing a CLIPP on? What problems has your library been confronting, and would you like to know how other libraries handle those problems? Which CLIP Notes did you find particularly useful that you would like to see updated?
  • Would you be interested in authoring a CLIPP? If you work at a college or small university library, have some publication experience, and have knowledge and interests relevant to a topic that might make a good CLIPP, please contact us! In addition to the gratitude of your peers, authors of a CLIPP receive 10% royalties on the net revenues from the publication.

For topic suggestions or to indicate your interest in authoring a CLIPP, please reply to me by September 4th, 2015.

On behalf of the CLIPP Committee, thank you for your help in keeping college librarians up-to-date on best practices at peer libraries!

Nathaniel King

Nathaniel King
Director of Library Services
Marydean Martin Library
Nevada State College

Office: 702.992.2806