Monday, December 15, 2014

CALL FOR RESEARCH PAPERS AND POSTERS: Science and Technology Section of ACRL at ALA Annual, San Francisco 2015

The Research Committee of the ACRL Science and Technology Section is hosting its Annual Research Forum (Sunday June 28, 2015) and Poster Session (Monday, June 29, 2015) at the 2015 American Library Association Annual Conference in San Francisco, CA.

The Research Forum provides an excellent opportunity to share a wide range of research endeavors and methodologies relevant to science and technology librarianship. Poster presentations focus on the STS or Open theme. The Committee adheres to mentoring principles and a “blind” review process to select proposals.

Submissions for the paper and poster presentations are selected based on the quality of the abstract and the demonstration of significant progress toward completing the research project by June 2015.  Writing style is critical and should be clear, concise, and organized.  The abstract for the Research Forum should include several aspects of the research process.  Some examples are:
·         Hypothesis
·         Problem or purpose – research question or thesis – stated in one sentence.
·         Literature review in its simplest form – where your project fits within the scholarly community.
·         Target group: people, animals, things, etc. and relevant characteristics.
·         Methodology with essential components
·         Basic findings, including statistical limitations such as confidence intervals
·         Conclusions, implications, or applications
·         Contribution to the advancement of science and technology librarianship.
·         Demonstration of innovative and original research.
·         Contributes ideas for positioning librarians to be leaders both on and off campus.

Abstracts.  Abstracts should total no more than 250 words while addressing the aforementioned criteria.  Abstracts should indicate presentation category: Featured, Short Paper, or Poster Session (described below).  Because this is a blind review process, be sure to include your name, institution, phone, and e-mail addresses of all participants (not part of word count) on a separate page.  Please indicate whether or not the project has been submitted to other conferences, for publication in a journal, published, or previously presented.

Featured Paper Presentations.  The Featured Paper Presentation is 20 minutes in length and will be followed by a thoughtful 10-minute critique from a guest commentator, who will offer suggestions on how to prepare the paper for publication.  Proposals should reflect research that has been completed or initiatives that have already been implemented. At a minimum, significant progress should have been made toward completion or implementation.

Short Paper Presentations.  Short Papers are 10 minutes in length and will be followed by a thoughtful 5-minute critique from a guest commentator, who will offer suggestions on how to prepare the paper for publication or generate additional ideas that will move the paper forward. Proposals should reflect research or initiatives that have been completed or are currently in progress.

Poster Presentations.  Submissions for the poster session are selected from two categories – the STS Theme and Open category.  The STSTheme for 2015 is "Unlocking the Sciences: Collaborative Research with Community Engagement through Citizen Science.Citizen scienceis the practice of non-experts contributing to or engaging in scientific research across all disciplines. The Open category is for research endeavors or practitioner projects outside this year’s theme that enhance science and technology librarianship.  Proposals should provide useful and practical findings, and describe opportunities for discussion with participants.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACTS: Galileo's Birthday, Sunday, February 15, 2015.  Submissions are selected by the STS Research Committee. Acceptance of proposals reflects a commitment by the author(s) to present at the ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco. Specific logistical details will follow upon acceptance.  Abstracts should be submitted via e-mail to both Greg Nelson,, and Hannah Gascho Rempel,, Co-Chairs of the STS Research Committee.