Tuesday, July 15, 2014

RUSQ Marketing column editor

RUSQ Marketing column editor

RUSQ, RUSA's peer-reviewed journal, is in search of an editor or editors to recruit authors and edit pieces (and occasionally write a column if they choose) for a new column in RUSQ focusing on marketing of library collections and reference and user services. I am looking for columns that will appeal to both public and academic librarians (I am thinking of a joint editorship with someone from each type of library). I think that this is a topic that will have broad interest for librarians of all sorts, and would be a valuable addition to the journal.

RUSQ columns generally run in each issue, so I am looking for 4 columns per year, again, this could be divided into alternating academic and public library focus. So each editor would be responsible for two column per year.

Columns in RUSQ run 2500-3500 words, and are lighter in tone and approach than a formal scholarly article. There is no need for a formal literature review, and columns can focus on a case study or be a thought piece. You can see examples of columns in the journal at http://rusa.metapress.com, and I am happy to share examples of columns I think are particularly interesting.

I would envision the column starting up with either the spring or summer issues of RUSQ, deadlines for those columns would be11/14/2014 and 2/16/2014 respectively.

If you are looking for an opportunity to help shape this new column, RUSQ, and the profession I would be interested in talking with you about your thoughts and ideas.

Barry Trott
Editor, RUSQ