Thursday, April 03, 2014

SkyRiver Users Group - Invitation to submit presentation proposals (Detroit, Michigan - May 2014)

SkyRiver Users Group - Invitation to submit presentation proposals (Detroit, Michigan - May 2014)

SkyRiver users are invited to submit presentation proposals for the 2nd Annual SkyRiver Users Group meeting, to be held immediately after the Innovative Users Group Conference, on May 10, 2014.  The SkyRiver Users Group will be meeting from 8:30am to 12:30pm at the Detroit Marriott, Renaissance Center.

Both Innovative customer libraries and non-Innovative customer libraries are invited to attend the SkyRiver Users Group meeting, as well as to submit proposals for presentations.

Presentations of approximately 45 minutes are welcome, with a portion of that time set aside for Q&A.  Ideas for forums or panels to discuss a topic related to SkyRiver and cataloging are also welcome.

Topics of interest may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Using SkyRiver for RDA implementation
  • Tips and tricks for using SkyRiver
  • SkyRiver in a consortial environment
  • Cataloging workflow improvements
  • Academic library experience using SkyRiver
  • Public library experience using SkyRiver
  • Cataloging projects, practices, and innovations using SkyRiver
Please use the online form to submit proposals by April 11, 2014.  Presenters will be notified of proposal acceptance by April 18, 2014.  For any additional questions or inquiries, please email Regina Gong at

Lastly, for III libraries using SkyRiver, the registration for the SkyRiver Users Group meeting (concurrent with registration for the Innovative Users Group conference) is now open at

-Non-III libraries please note that this is the same form that III libraries use to register for the IUG but minus the login.  You will need to fill in the required fields, however, please note that in the IUG membership number field, you should put 000.  For the Innovative customer code, please put in srug.
-We apologize for the extra steps.  If you have problems registering, please don't hesitate to contact Kathy O'Gorman at

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

SkyRiver Users Group Steering Committee

-Regina Gong, Chair
-Marianne Abdoo, Bloomfield Township Public Library
-Lauren Douglass, East Lansing Public Library
-Emily Sanford, Michigan State University Libraries