Thursday, April 10, 2014


A Virtual Event presented by Library Journal and School Library Journal
Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Since 2010, Library Journal and School Library Journal have produced an innovative full-day program tackling the challenges presented by ebooks and the digital transition’s impact on libraries, their communities, and related stakeholders. Last year’s event, “Reinventing Libraries” drew over 7,000 registrants and 3,500+ live attendees.
As planning begins for our October 2014 event, “The Digital Shift: Libraries @ the Center,” we’re looking for a wide variety of program proposals that relate to these areas of focus:
  • Content, Containers and Beyond
    We are looking for programs on how libraries are creating, curating, licensing, digitizing, archiving, and delivering content in today’s fast-changing digital world. Examples: streaming media; licensed vs. purchased content; the new all-digital libraries; new ebook models (PDA and beyond); the library as publisher; open access; privacy and surveillance; alt-metrics; digital repositories; the DPLA; etc.
  • Collaboration and Innovation
    We are looking for programs on how libraries are repositioning themselves as the digital nexus for their communities. Examples: digital librarianship; embedded librarianship; one to one computing; the Common Core and the digital shift/digital divide; leveraging the E-Rate; creating and sustaining innovative community partnerships (internal and external); maker-spaces; expanding the library’s community footprint; etc.
  • Leading the Learning Revolution
    We are looking for programs on how libraries are essential links in a learning continuum. Examples: tech-centric GED and early literacy/literacy education; digital literacy at all ages and stages; college readiness; distance learning; workforce development and the new economy; DIY; green issues @ the library; business incubation; gaming; coding; hacking; next-generation MOOCs; etc.
If you have a proposal for a session you’d like to see on the TDS14 program, whether it’s based on one of the above topics or something else related to the broad theme of “Libraries @ the Center,” we’d love to hear from you.

How to submit a successful proposal

We’re looking for discussions and presentations that will help our attendees get up-to-date insights on new technologies and services; understand the latest developments in the publishing industry and how they impact libraries; and/or offer practical strategies to overcome critical challenges to accomplishing their respective missions.
  • Provide a clear description of what attendees will learn. Whether your proposed session seeks to explain an emerging trend or teach a critical skill, you must provide a direct, concise description of what attendees will learn. We cannot emphasize this enough—be very clear in your proposal about what you will be presenting.
  • Focus on lessons learned, NOT the benefits of your product or service. Product pitches will be rejected. Lessons learned from building or running your product, however, can be invaluable.
  • Skip the jargon. The more buzzwords and industry jargon you use, the less we think you have something interesting to say.
  • Aim for diversity. Please review our statement on Diversity at Our Events (PDF) before submitting your proposal.

Session formats

The virtual event format has certain inherent limitations that should be kept in mind, and access to a reliable internet connection and the appropriate OS/Browser combinations are a must.
We are accepting proposals for the following formats:
  • 45-minute panel discussions – these are panel discussions (or debates) with two or more presenters and a moderator
  • 30-minute panel discussions – these can either be an interview-style discussion between two speakers, or a panel discussion/debate with two or more presenters and a moderator
  • 15-minute presentations – these are solo presentations focused on practical solutions to specific challenges (eg: case studies) or visionary ideas with practical applications
Important Dates
Proposals due: May 2, 2014
Notifications of acceptance: Early June
Registration Opens: July 7,2014