Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Call for Lightning Talk Proposals for the 2013 LITA National Forum (November 2013 Louisville, Kentucky)

Call for Lightning Talk Proposals for the 2013 LITA National Forum (November 2013 Louisville, Kentucky)

Do you have a new idea or project that you're dying to share with your fellow LITA Forum attendees? The 2013 LITA National Forum (November 7-10 in Louisville, Kentucky) will once again host Lightning Talks, and we're looking for speakers.

Lightning Talks are short 5-minute presentations on a topic of your choosing. The Lightning Talk session is on Saturday, November 9, from 2:00 until 2:50 pm (during concurrent session 5). We will have no more than 9 Lightning Talks in the session. Each talk must be concise -- the time limit will be strictly enforced -- and contain no more than 10 slides (if used at all).

Six of the 9 sessions will be allotted through a first-come, first-serve basis. We will accept proposals from the first 6 people who reply, and once these slots are full, the other names will go on a waiting list. We assume you’re registered for LITA Forum!

The remaining 3 slots will be selected at 5 PM on Friday, November 8, through a lottery of people expressing interest at the conference. Details will be announced at the opening session.

  1. Submit your proposal via the Lightning Talk Signup form (http://bit.ly/lita-lightning).
  2. We will begin notifying the lightning-talkers and the first few runners-up as soon as we have six participants, so get your submission in quickly.
  3. If your plans change, please let us know so we can reassign your slot!
    1. Current presenters or poster-session givers are requested to give others a chance (unless they are burning with a completely different idea they are absolutely dying to share).
    2. These are quick, fun, low-barrier talks. Extensive slides and handouts are not required or expected. Remember, when the bell rings and your five minutes are up you are outta there!
    3. If your talk is selected, plan to be in the Seneca/Iroquois room by 1:45 pm to load your slides (if you use them) onto the presentation computer. Bring a thumb drive or be ready to download them from the cloud. Microsoft PowerPoint will be available on the presentation computer, along with an Internet connection. We will ensure that they are forwarded to the LITA office for inclusion on the Forum website.
    4. Please -- no product pitches!

More information on the LITA Forum is available on the LITA website (http://www.ala.org/lita/conferences/forum/2013), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/LITA.ALA) and Twitter (http://twitter.com/LITAForum).