Saturday, August 25, 2012

CFP: Evidence Based Library and Information Practice

CFP: Evidence Based Library and Information Practice

Evidence Based Library and Information Practice* (EBLIP) is a peer reviewed, open access journal, which provides a forum for librarians and other information professionals to discover research that may contribute to
decision making in professional practice. EBLIP seeks submissions for the following sections:

- *Classics:* Contributions to the “Classics” section follow a structured format designed to highlight, summarize, and critically appraise research studies that stood the test of time and continue to have an impact on library and information practice.

- *Commentaries:* Commentaries are opinion pieces on a topic related to evidence based practice. This is a non peer-reviewed section.

- *Review Articles:* Review articles provide a way for librarians to obtain an overview of the evidence on a  particular topic, and stay current with the literature.

- *Using Evidence in Practice: *The “Using Evidence in Practice” section features brief reports of LIS practitioners' use of evidence to assist with decision making. This is a non-peer reviewed section.

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*About the Journal:*

EBLIP is a peer reviewed, open access journal published quarterly by the University of Alberta Learning Services <>. EBLIP publishes original research and commentary on the topic of evidence based library and information practice, as well as reviews of previously published research (evidence summaries) on a wide number of topics. 

Please visit the *Evidence Based Library and Information Practice *web site ( for more information about the journal.

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