Monday, May 21, 2012

Great Librarian Write-Out (Round Two)

Great Librarian Write-Out (Round Two)

The prize money has gone up!! LibraryAware from Novelist has given ANOTHER $250 for the prize! We are up to $500!!! Thank you so much Nancy Dowd and Novelist!
With another pledge of $100 from Tina Hager we are now up $600!
ANOTHER pledge of $100 from Sue Anderson and the prize money is up to $700!!
With the success of the Great Librarian Write-out, I’m going to go for round two! Once again, you have NOW until the American Library Association Midwinter Meeting in 2013 to get yourself published in some kind of non-library publication. It must be in print and not online and must be library related. Once again, I’m offering $250 of my own money to start this competition, and once again, I’d love to see anyone else jump in and offer something to up the award. Vendors and professional organizations are always welcome to offer some swag or increase the award!
Once again, it’s time for librarians to get out of the echo-chamber of librarianship and get some good words out to the people. The award is $250 (of my own money) for the best library-related article to be published in a non-library magazine or journal. Yes, that’s right… My own personal money!! That’s how important this is to me!
There are thousands of amazing writers in our profession who write their own blogs and write for our professional magazines and journals, but rarely (or never) do I see an article written for the public in a major national magazine about how libraries help society in some great way. I don’t think there has ever been a time when such articles should be appearing amidst the news of library closures, resource cutting, and layoffs. It’s time that we got the word out about libraries to as many people as possible!!
It seems to me that there are hundreds of topics for articles that could be written that would be applicable to the content of a major magazine. Off of the top of my head I’m thinking;
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