Monday, June 13, 2011

CFP: Michigan Innovative Users Group (MIUG)

MIUG - Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals

Presentation and Forum (Birds of a Feather) Proposal Deadline: July 14th, 2011

The Michigan Innovative Users Group invites you to present your ideas, experiences and views on various modules of the Innovative system at our September 28th meeting.

· Sessions might include presentations, demonstrations or panel discussions.
· Forums (Birds of a Feather) can be discussions on a particular topic, module or issue(s).

Presentations for all levels across all library type and Millennium modules are invited and welcome. We specially encourage presenters from public libraries to participate. This is an outstanding opportunity to share the insights you’ve gained, reprise a previous IUG presentation or assess the potential for a possible presentation at IUG the next year.

Please use the proposal submission form located on the MIUG website:

Here are some suggested topics that came up from our members during MIUG 2010 Fall meeting evaluation:

New products
Improvements with workflow
"How to" sessions
Inventory -- steps in clean-up for newbies etc.
Serials related topics
Webpac, redesign, usability and web 2.0 applications
Millennium customization tips
Update on SkyRiver
Web bridge session
The millennium shortcuts and macros
Reserves module and the benefits of it
III and MeL updates
Encore Reporter
Regular expressions

Dao Rong Gong
Libraries, Michigan State university
100 Library, East Lansing MI 48824