Thursday, June 23, 2011

Call for authors -- LITA guide

Call for authors -- LITA guide

Jane Monson will be editing a book to be published by Neal-Schuman Publishers, entitled “Jump-Start Your Career as a Digital Librarian: A LITA Guide”.  The guide is intended to provide an overview of topics in the field and is aimed at new and aspiring digital librarians, with a focus on academic librarianship (though this should not discourage those from other types of libraries from contributing).  She is seeking authors for the following chapters:
  • So you want to be a digital technology librarian.  What does that mean?
  • Getting the most out of library school  -- advice for the student
  • Making a career shift -- advice for current librarians   
  •  Landing your first job
  • Digital technology: what you need to know
  • Managing digital projects
  • Making friends with metadata
  • Understanding the new scholarly publishing landscape
  • Collaboration in the digital age
  • Preserving the bits and bytes
  • Moving up in the world – furthering your career
 My deadline for submitting the final manuscript is December 31, 2011, with publication presumably in 2012.

Please contact me at if you are interested in contributing or would like further information.  Thanks for reading.

Jane Monson

Jane Monson
Digital Projects Librarian
Pickler Memorial Library
Truman State University
(660) 785-4539