Tuesday, February 08, 2011

CFP: 2011 Michigan Library Association Annual Conference

CFP: 2011 Michigan Library Association Annual Conference
October 26-28
Radisson Plaza Hotel--Kalamazoo, MI
Submissions welcome through March 1, 2011

CFP Form: http://www.mla.lib.mi.us/files/11%20MLA%20Conf%20-%20Call%20for%20Presentations%20Form%201-28-11%20DC_0.pdf

During the 2011 Annual Conference, our primary programming and networking event, the theme of Common Goals, Uncommon Good will be at the forefront of our learning experiences and idea exchanges as we come together to discover new trends in the profession and reinforce standard methods of operation.  We hope you will consider being a part of the conversation and experience that brings us all together in a challenging economy and an ever-changing technological world.  Our challenges may be very different, but our essence is the same: to realize our commonalities and the often unforeseen good that comes from those.
Program Submission General Guidelines

1. Program submitter may or may not also be the presenter.  Either is acceptable.
2. Communications by MLA’s Program Subcommittee will be with the submitter only.  It is expected that pertinent information is then conveyed by the submitter, serving as communication liaison, to all presenters. Contact information is required for each presenter as well.
3. Program sessions are sixty minutes of content.
4. Only 3 presenters may deliver any one program (including panel discussions).
5. MLA members are not reimbursed or compensated for session time, mileage, or any other such item.
6. Presenters must register for the day(s) they attend Annual Conference if they intend to stay beyond their allotted presentation time.

Agreements and Selection Notification
The MLA Program Subcommittee will contact each program’s submitter in writing with regards to final decisions of the juried acceptance process by April 30, 2011.
Closer to the Annual Conference, MLA will send all individual presenters a Presenter Agreement indicating date, time, and details of their presentation.  This will be confirmed by the presenter and returned to MLA.

Program AV & Room Setup
1. All presentation rooms will be supplied with a projector and screen; a microphone will be available as applicable.
2. Internet access may be available but is not guaranteed.  Be sure to indicate if Internet access is desired on the application form.
3. Presenters will provide their own laptops and have presentations on laptops, flash drives, cloud, etc.  Remote mouse devices/pointers are the responsibility of the presenter.  Apple users will be responsible for also providing their own cable for connection to the projector.
4. Rooms will be set up according to needs of presentation (ex:  for a panel discussion if applicable).

Program Handouts & Evaluations
Printed handouts are not distributed on site by MLA during the conference.  Presenters  may provide handouts  if desired.
Handouts may be posted to MLA’s website before the conference.  Call for handouts come six to eight weeks prior to conference.
Recording of Programs
Permission to record a single program must be granted by all presenters of that program.
Permission must also be granted by the MLA Program Subcommittee to record any program.

Program Tracks
The following education tracks are available.  Your proposal may fit into more than one track.  If so, list up to three (3) tracks on your application.  Please note that the Miscellaneous Track is designed for program proposals that may not fit into the other eight categories.
Academic Interests Adult Services
Advocacy and Marketing Ask the Expert
Collections/Cataloging Leadership Development
Technology Youth Services

March 1, 2011—Final day to submit program proposals
May 1, 2011—Selection notifications distributed via email from Program Subcommittee to program submitter
July 1, 2011—Presenter agreements sent from MLA office to program presenters
October 1, 2011—Handouts received for posting on MLA website
October 26-28—Annual Conference, Radisson Plaza Hotel, Kalamazoo, MI
Please feel free to contact the Program Subcommittee Chair (Jennifer Cornell, jenniferc@kpl.gov) or MLA Director of Professional Development (Denise Cook, cookd@mlcnet.org) with any questions you may have prior to your submission.