Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Call for Editor: CJILS: Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science

Call for Editor: CJILS: Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science


Applications are invited for the editorship of CJILS
The Canadian Association for Information Science is requesting applications from individuals seeking consideration to become the next editor of CJILS.
The official term of the position is open and will be negotiated between the candidate and the CAIS Board. It is hoped that the editor will be able to serve for at least three years. The position will commence in January 2011.

Scope of Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science
CJILS is dedicated to publishing articles on all aspects of information and library science with the purpose of contributing to the advancement of information and library science in Canada. The journal is concerned with research findings, understanding the issues in the field, and understanding the history, economics, and technology of information systems and services, and human information behaviour. The journal publishes research papers, scholarly opinion papers, reviews of research, brief communications, information about significant library and information science (LIS) research activities within Canada, and reviews of books and other media. Papers are selected by a process of peer review, with usually two independent, double-blind reviews of each paper. Submissions in both English and French are received. Each volume of CJILS is comprised of four issues, with an occasional single-topic issue. CJILS is published in print, and as of volume 34, 2010, is published online with ProjectMUSE.

Editorial Role
The Editor is responsible for all aspects of publication associated with maintaining CJILS as the premier journal of its kind presenting perspectives on all aspects of Library and Information Science. The Editor is committed to making sure that the journal maintains its reputation to publish the best manuscripts in these areas. The Editor is responsible for the selection and substantive editing of journal contents, for four issues per year.

Editorial Duties

* Serve as Chair of the Journal’s Editorial Board ("the Board").
* Liaise with the University of Toronto Press (“the Press”).
* In partnership with the Board, define the overall strategic direction for the journal.
* Provide leadership to achieve the goals determined by that strategic direction.
* Actively solicit manuscripts for the journal.
* Serve as the primary liaison to authors.
* Conduct initial screening of all manuscripts and forward those that meet criteria to selected reviewers.
* Optional: solicit a themed issue or annual monograph.
* Optional: Write an Editorial for an issue.
* Optional: Secure a Guest Editorial for an issue.
* Work with Board to recruit and select editorial reviewers.
* Work with authors to revise manuscripts based on reviewers’ comments and Editor’s own recommendations for improvement (e.g., clarity, development of ideas, scholarly accuracy, overall quality, and compliance with publication guidelines).
* Return rejected manuscripts with a constructive form letter to authors.
* Address problems that arise from time to time, such as resolving charges of plagiarism and helping to keep Board members energized.
* Stay current on the progress of submissions and coordinate journal production with the Press to ensure four full issues per year on a regular production schedule.
* Develop ancillary materials such as style guidelines for authors, solicitation requests from authors, and use of journal in teaching.
* Report annually to the Canadian Association for Information Science.

Qualification and Requirements of Candidates
The Editor of CJILS must possess the following attributes:

* Hold a faculty position and be active in the scholarly community.
* Have published regularly in comparable scholarly journals
* Be willing to dedicate regular time each week to this role.
* Have (or be able to secure) support staff able to dedicate one or two hours per week to supporting this role.

The Editor will serve for the term as negotiated with the CAIS Board which will be renewable for a second term at the discretion of the CAIS Board. The term may be terminated by the CAIS Board at any time should the Editor fail to fulfill the responsibilities outlined above.

Search Procedure
Applications will be reviewed by the CAIS Board immediately after the deadline submission date.

Interested individuals should submit an application to CAIS by September 1st. The application should include:
1. A Vision Statement: Set forth your goals and plans for the content of CJILS. This may include an assessment of the current strengths, weaknesses, or gaps that you plan to address and how you will implement your plan.
2. Editor Background Information: Your name, affiliation, and other relevant information. Describe your qualifications for the job. Give evidence of your ability to provide sound judgment and guidance to potential authors. Please include a vita or resume.
3. Institutional Support: It is important that you consider and address the feasibility of serving as editor in light of the resources likely to be available to you. University of Toronto Press Journals does not pay for office space or release time. Since the support offered by different institutions varies widely, you are encouraged to discuss your application with your University as necessary in order to ensure the feasibility of your application.

Applications (as described above) should be no more than five pages (excluding vitae) and should be sent by September 1, 2010 to:

Canadian Association for Information Science
c/o Nadia Caidi, President
Faculty of Information
140 St. George St. #646
Toronto, ON. M5S 3G6
Email: nadia.caidi@utoronto.ca
Tel: (416) 978-4664
Fax: (416) 971-1399