Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Call for Chapters: The Psychology of Librarianship

Call for Chapters: The Psychology of Librarianship
Edited by Leanne VandeCreek, Lynn Gullickson, and H. Stephen Wright
To be published by Scarecrow Press

The Psychology of Librarianship will be a collection of scholarly essays examining the psychological aspects of library work and the profession of librarianship. This will be the first book-length, in-depth study of the psychological implications and underpinnings of the library profession. Although there have been occasional articles about the psychological dimensions of library work (especially in regard to job stress), and a few theses that study specific issues (such as training) in detail, there has never been a book that attempts a broader and more comprehensive examination of this topic.

Psychology is a factor in virtually every aspect of librarianship.  Beyond the expected psychological issues inherent in any organization, there are psychological dimensions that are unique to library work. The
Psychology of Librarianship will address both of these: how traditional organizational psychology applies to librarianship, and how library work involves unique psychological situations.

Potential contributors will be encouraged to submit scholarly papers that are supported by citations to appropriate literature; some topics may require original psychological research. Papers consisting
primarily of anecdotes, or which draw mainly on the personal experiences of the author, are discouraged.

Possible chapter topics may include, but are not limited to:

· Why people choose to become librarians
· Managing conflict among librarians
· Generational conflicts: old-school librarians and "geeks"
· Fear and insecurity in the library
· Recognizing and dealing with personality disorders
· Perfectionism vs. the "good enough" syndrome
· The repercussions of technological and organizational fads
· Substance abuse in the library profession
· The self-image of librarians: stereotypes and overcompensation
· The psychology and pathology of collecting
· We'll change it back once he's gone: managing administrators
· Technological change: stresses and resistance
· Bibliographic essay on previous studies of the psychological aspects of librarianship
· Librarians and library users: relationship dynamics
· Bunker mentality: librarians in a defensive posture

Proposals for chapters must be submitted by October 15, 2010. Authors whose proposals are accepted will be notified by November 15, 2010; completed chapters are due by June 1, 2011.

Please send proposals and questions to any of the editors:
Leanne VandeCreek, lvandecreek@niu.edu
Lynn Gullickson, lynn.gullickson@wheaton.edu
H. Stephen Wright, hswright@niu.edu