Thursday, June 17, 2010

Conference on grey literatury - Call for papers

Conference on grey literatury - Call for papers
Twelfth international Conference on grey literatury will be held in the National Technical Library in Prague on December 6. – 7., 2010.

• Peer Review? Quality Control - Enriched Publication
• Redefining Grey Literature - Proof of Concept - Research Process
• New Stakeholders - Subject and Community based approaches? Geographic Perspectives
• Copyright? Licensing - Authors Rights - Open Access? Open Source
• Standardization - Interoperability - Metadata? Repositories
• Economics of Grey - Management and Sustained Resources? Value Added Services

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National Technical Library (hereafter referred to as “NTL”) is central professional library open to public, which offers unique collection of 250 thousand publications freely accessible in open circulation. Its holdings form the largest collection of Czech and foreign documents from technology and applied natural sciences as well as associated social sciences. It contains total of 1,2 Mil. volumes of books, journals and newspapers, theses, reports, standards, and trade literature in both printed and electronic forms. Besides its own collection, parts of Central Library of CTU in Prague and Central Library of ICT holdings are accessible in NTL.

As corresponds to its statutes the NTL runs – among others – the project of building the National Repository of Grey Literature. The project aims at gathering metadata and possibly full texts of grey documents in the field of education, science and research. The NTL supports an education in the field of grey literature through annual seminars in the Czech Republic. For the latest news on GL12 or National Repository of Grey Literature, visit our Web site at