Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Call for Manuscripts: Libraries Unlimited Library Management Collection

Call for Manuscripts: Libraries Unlimited Library Management Collection

A world society transforming to an environment for continuous learning as technological developments enhance accessing information brings new challenges to library management and high expectations for aspiring managerial candidates.

If the opportunity to write or produce a book reflecting current thinking on various aspects of management appeals to you please contact the series editor. If you would prefer consideration as a chapter author please indicate this with your subject interest and your name will be placed on a list for consideration by an editor.

The series editor is the first of a group assisting in the preparation of manuscripts and production of your book. The series editor works with you through the entire process while other editors provide specific guidance for some matters. Consider the advantages this process offers whether you have experience or are a first time book author or editor. Qualified professional assistance will address any issue. This invitation is open to everyone anywhere who is interested. Thank you for considering this opportunity.

Contact series editor: Gerard McCabe E: mgmted@comcast.net T: 410-487-6872