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Call for Submissions: Embedded Librarianship

Call for Submissions: Embedded Librarianship

Public Services Quarterly (PSQ) invites submission of manuscripts for a special thematic issue (volume 6, issue 2/3) on "Embedded Librarianship."


One innovative trend in librarianship is the practice of embedding librarians, putting librarians where their users are. Modeled on the concept of the embedded journalist, an embedded librarian typically refers to a higher order of collaboration between librarians and teaching faculty, where librarians are more fully immersed and participatory in the academic experience. Embedded librarians spend significant time in the classroom/department, create course assignments and specific research guides, do research with teaching faculty, and may have a presence in course management software. The term "blended librarian" is sometimes used in lieu of embedded librarian.

In this special issue, we seek to explore the practice of embedded librarianship in an online environment and beyond. Some questions that may be addressed include, but not limited to:

* How do we define embedded librarianship?

* What are the best practices?

* What are effective strategies for embedding a librarian?

* What does it mean to be an embedded librarian in an online environment?

* How do we assess an embedded librarian program?

* What is the future of embedded librarianship?

Barbara Norelli, Social Sciences & Instructional Services Librarian at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY, will edit this special issue of PSQ.


* Manuscript submissions are due March 10, 2010.

* Accepted authors will be notified on April 1, 2010.

* Author revisions are due May 1, 2010.

Please submit manuscripts and direct questions to the special issue editor, Barbara Norelli, at:

Public Services Quarterly, a Taylor & Francis Group/Routledge publication, is a peer reviewed journal that examines traditional and nontraditional areas of public service in academic libraries. This special issue of PSQ will NOT be refereed.

This special issue is scheduled for publication in June 2010 and it may be considered for publication as a monograph by Taylor & Francis.

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