Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CFP: Info Career Trends

CFP: Info Career Trends


LISjobs.com's professional development newsletter, Info Career Trends, seeks writers for two upcoming issues:

May 2009: Being Proactive
How do you deliberately move your career forward? How do you find leadership opportunities when you aren’t in a management position? How do you spearhead projects, launch initiatives, and ask for what you want? How do you negotiate a raise or promotion? All different ways of being proactive and taking charge of your own career.

July 2009: Keeping up in a down economy
How do you take advantage of professional development opportunities in an environment where your institution may not be able to fund your attendance? How do you ensure your relevance to your organization in an era of downsizing? How do you supplement your income with additional activities or part-time work? This issue addresses the various ways in which we can address or minimize the economy’s effects on us personally.

Check the contributor guidelines, then email your query to editor@lisjobs.com outlining what you intend to write about and why you’re a good person to do so. Looking forward to seeing your ideas!


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