Thursday, July 17, 2008

Call for Recorders: Joint OLAC-MOUG 2008 Conference (Cleveland, Ohio)

Call for Recorders: Joint OLAC-MOUG 2008 Conference (Cleveland, Ohio)

The joint OLAC-MOUG 2008 Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, is coming up in September. I'm still looking for conference reporters for the following sessions:

Pre-conference on Maps Cataloging
Opening keynote speaker Lynne Howarth
Closing keynote speaker Janet Swan Hill
Electronic Resources workshop
Advanced Scores Cataloging workshop

Reports do not have to be exhaustive, only informative. Please review the reports for the 2006 OLAC conference in the December 2006 newsletter, which can be found at under Newsletters, to get an idea of what is expected. Your report will be published in the OLAC Newsletter, with your name and affiliation credited in the byline of your report. For those on the tenure-track or in other positions where publication is expected, your report can be used as a publication credit in a non-peer reviewed library periodical.

Additionally, your report will help to inform those who were unable to attend the conference and to provide a record of what OLAC does to support and enrich the professional lives of its members.

If you have any interest in being a conference reporter, please contact me as soon as possible at Please indicate your reporting preferences, if any. Thanks for your consideration.

Jan Mayo

OLAC Conference Reports Editor