Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Call for Monographs (Neal-Schuman Publishers)

Call for Monographs (Neal-Schuman Publishers)

Neal-Schuman Publishers, for 32 years a leading independent publisher of books for librarians and information professionals, welcomes proposals for new titles. For complete descriptions of our books, or to download a catalog, please visit

When proposing a book, please include the following:

1. A general description of the book, including: why such a book is needed, how it will be written or compiled, the audience and market to which the book is directed, any possible secondary audiences and markets, and comparisons with other similar books.
2. A table of contents, even tentative, including an estimate of the length or number of pages for each chapter, as well as the length of the total manuscript. Please specify types and approximate sizes of indexes.
3. A tentative outline describing in detail the main topics to be dealt with (this will go into more detail than the table of contents).
4. Any chapter or sample pages available in draft form, which are representative of the elements of the book, including tabular material, illustrations, entries, etc.
5. A draft preface that tells your potential readers: who the book is for, the purpose of the book, how it was compiled or written, your reasons for writing the book, how the book is organized, (if applicable) how it can be used. (This differs from item 1 above in that you're speaking here to your potential reader whereas item 1 speaks to us as a publisher.)
6. The projected date of manuscript completion.
7. A brief resume, including other publications, related activities, etc.

Please send proposals to:

Paul Seeman
Assistant Director of Publishing
Neal-Schuman Publishers
100 William St.
Suite 2004
New York, NY 10038

Ph: 212 925-8650
Fx: 212 219-8916