Thursday, February 22, 2007

Information Literacy Case Studies (Primary Research Group)

Information Literacy Case Studies (Primary Research Group)

Primary Research Group, publisher of Training College Students in Information Literacy, is planning to release a new publication entitled “Training executives, lawyers and other non-information professionals in information literacy” This report will present case studies of how corporate, legal, hospital and other libraries develop their information literacy efforts.:

1) formal or informal information literacy programs for professional employees
2) integration of library education into training programs
3) development of continuing education efforts for librarians themselves
4) development of special classes, tutorials and other educational vehicles for new employees
5) development of computer literacy for medical students and students of other professional schools
6) development of tests, exams, and other evaluation tools
7) development of help desks, FAQ’s and other guides and means to help employees or professional school students to find the information that they need in the most productive way.

Submissions should be between 600 and 2,500 words. Tentative closing date
for submissions is: April 25, 2007.

For writer’s guidelines and a more complete project description, please send an email to Mr. James Moses at To learn more about Primary Research Group, visit our website at