Monday, February 26, 2007

CFP: High & Low Culture (Midwest Modern Language Association)

CFP: High & Low Culture (Midwest Modern Language Association)

The Midwest Modern Language Association is soliciting essay submissions for the Fall 2007 issue of the Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association. The topic for this issue will be "High & Low / Culture." The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2007.

To ensure that the Journal is accessible to the broad membership, essays should be written in English and, when text in other language is quoted, translations in English should be provided. Submissions should not exceed 8,000 words.

Possible topics might include:

Bridging "The Great Divide"
Camp consumption and queer performativity
Art and craft/s
Histories of high and low culture
Novel to film, film to novel
Cultural Studies
Rhetoric and poetics
The Aesthetic of ordinary life
Jazz, hip hop, rock & roll, and literature
Feminist Popular Culture
Slang, spanglish, and other variants in literature
High middle ages, low middle ages
Between high and low
Filming the canon
What's lower than low?
Fan cultures
Merchant & Ivory, Barnes & Noble, Oprah & Faulkner
The wisdom of popular genres
Strange bedfellows
Cultural and subcultural capital
Cultural gatekeeping
Contact zones
Shifting technologies
Issues of access
Alternative public spheres

Please send three copies of each essay (two formatted for anonymous reading) to:

Kevin J.H. Dettmar, President
Midwest Modern Language Association
302 English-Philosophy Building
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242-1408

More details are available online at