Monday, March 06, 2006

CFP: Internet Librarian 2006

CFP: Internet Librarian 2006

Monterey, CA • October 23-25, 2006
Monterey Conference Center
Deadline: March 22, 2006

Integrated Experiences: Compelling Content Combinations

Wikipedia defines “mash-up” as a Web site or Web application that seamlessly combines content from more than one source into an integrated experience. Since Internet librarians aim to do just that for their clients, it is a fitting theme for Information Today’s 10th Internet Librarian. This year’s conference focuses on the challenges as well as the leading-edge solutions for balancing content access and client demands for an integrated experience. If Internet librarians want to have an impact on their organizations and communities, they must create mash-ups. As the San Francisco Chronicle puts it, “Take a pinch of Yahoo or Google. Then stir in some census data, photographs or crime statistics. What you get is a mash-up.” Combining ingredients from different online sources to create hybrids is a hot Internet phenomenon, especially when map or demographic information and a variety of feeds are used.

Integrated Experiences: Compelling Content Combinations, our theme this year, provides Internet librarians with many ideas and opportunities to enlist new partners in integrating content for their clients, showcase their mash-up creations, engage their organizations and communities, and to have a positive impact on their environments. Whether you are managing information for a business, law firm, university, school or public library, content integration is the key to creating a cool and useful user experience. Keeping up with the new tools and techniques, especially for integrating relevant content, is always a challenge but Internet Librarian 2006 definitely meets that challenge.

Information Today, Inc., a key provider of technology conferences for over twenty years, is pleased to announce the 10th annual Internet Librarian — the ONLY conference for information professionals who are using, developing, and embracing Internet, intranet, and Web-based strategies in their roles as information architects and navigators, Webmasters and Web managers, content evaluators, developers and integrators, taxonomists, searchers, community builders, information providers, trainers, guides, and more.

Internet Librarian 2006 caters to all interests and all levels of knowledge with four simultaneous tracks plus many workshop and networking opportunities. This year’s tracks encompass such topics as: Information Discovery & Search, Leading-Edge Technologies, Managing Knowledge Assets, Web Tools, Intranets & Portals, E-Learning & Training, Case Studies of Internet and Intranet Librarians, Web Development & Management, E-Resources & Digital Libraries, Blogging & Social Computing, Distance Learning & Instruction, Streaming Media, Search Engines, Content Management and Integration, Planning for the Future, and more. Speakers are knowledgeable, authoritative, and focus on practical applications, new tools and techniques, case studies as well as technical and managerial issues.


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