Sunday, March 19, 2006

Call for Contributors for "Biz of Acq" column of the journal: Against the Grain.

Call for Contributors for "Biz of Acq" column of the journal: Against the Grain.

Against the Grain is a practice-oriented library journal. Its goal is to provide acquisitions librarians in all types of libraries, and information sellers, with current information on events in the field and practical insights into acquisitions techniques and processes. The "Biz of Acq" column features discussions of key acquisitions topics by working librarians.

Following are ideas for upcoming "Biz of Acq" articles. Feel free to choose any of these topics, or one of your own.
-Organizational restructuring and its impact on acquisitions departments
-How libraries fit acquisition and management of electronic resources into their organizational structures
-How to recruit acquisitions librarians and staff
-Training for acquisitions work: live courses, Web-based instruction, internships, and conferences. Is acquisitions adequately covered?
-Coping with cuts in acquisitions budgets
-Making a transition to an all-electronic collection
-Acquiring and managing data sets
-Purchasing e-books and managing e-book collections
-Acquiring media and other special materials: sources, contacts, concerns
-Buying from non-U.S. Vendors
-ILS migrations from the acquisitions librarian's viewpoint
-Role of consortia in acquisitions and collection management
-Acquisitions and accounting practices
-Using EDI in library acquisitions
-Changing roles of subscription agents
-Serials acquisitions and electronic journals

Theoretical articles, research reports, "how-to" articles, case studies, literature reviews and conceptual or opinion pieces are welcome. Article length should be approximately 1300-1500 words (4-6 pages, double-spaced). Contributions may be written by individuals or co-authored.

If you are interested in writing for "Biz of Acq", please contact the column editor:

Audrey Fenner
Head, Acquisitions
Congressional Research Service
Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave., SE, LM-220 MS 7481
Washington, DC 20540-7481