Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Code4lib 2006 - Deadline extended

Code4lib 2006 - Deadline extended

We have extended the deadline for prepared talk proposals for Code4lib 2006.

The new proposal deadline is January 9, 2006, 5pm EST and proposers
will be notified by Midnight EST January 9, 2006.

Code4lib 2006 is a loosely structured conference for library technologists to commune, gather/create/share ideas and software, be inspired, and forge collaborations. It is also an outgrowth of the Access HackFest, wrapped into a conference-ish format. It is *the* event for technologists building digital libraries and digital information systems, tools, and software.

At least six time slots will be available for prepared talks. We will choose from among the proposals based on diversity of topics, usefulness, wow factor, and potential impact.

Proposals of 75 words or less are being accepted for review now. Please send
your name, email address, and proposal to code4libcon.

We cannot accept every prepared talk proposal, but multiple lightning talk sessions will provide everyone who wishes to present with ample opportunity to show off.

Prepared Talk Information

Prepared talks are 20 minutes, and must center on "tools" (some cool new software, software library or integration platform), "specs" (how to get the most out of some protocols, or proposals for new ones), or "challenges" (One or more big problems we should collectively address). We will evaluate proposals on criteria of usefulness, newness, geekiness, and diversity of

Send proposals to: