Friday, April 15, 2005

Call for OVGTSL 2005 Conference Reporters

Call for OVGTSL 2005 Conference Reporters

If you are attending the 2005 OVGTSL Conference in Newark, OH, on May11-13, we invite you to provide the OVGTSL membership (and otherNewsletter readers) with a brief account of one or more of the sessionsyou attend. Among the meetings planned are 3 plenary sessions and 12presentations. If you are attending any of these and plan on takingnotes anyway, why don't you favor us with a copy of your observations? The conference reports are expected to be a major part of the OVGTSLNewsletter issue and you will be duly credited with authorship.

Please see the conference Website( for a fulldescription of the offerings.

For inspiration and an idea about whatkind of report is desirable see the 2004 Conference Newsletter(

To volunteer, please contact Julia Gustafson, who is helping toorganizeand deploy volunteer reporters. (Please note: the sooner you volunteer,the more likelihood you will get to report on your first choicemeeting!) Here's Julia's contact information:Julia GustafsonElectronic Services LibrarianThe College of Wooster Libraries1140 Beall AvenueWooster, Ohio 44691(330)