Sunday, November 07, 2004

Call for Contributors: Info Career Trends (online)

Call for Contributors: Info Career Trends -- Online Journal

Info Career Trends, a free, bi-monthly, electronic publication on career development issues for information professionals, is seeking contributors to write short, practical articles for upcoming issues. ICT is distributed via e-mail to over 3300 subscribers, and finds an additional audience on the web and via RSS. For more information or to subscribe, see

Upcoming themes include:

March 2005: Alternative Careers
How can we extend our skills as librarians into other environments? What kind of unusual, interesting, or unthought-of careers are open to information professionals? How do we convince those in related fields to
give us a chance?

May 2005: Charting Our Path
Some of us tend to float from one job to another, depending on factors as varied geographical convenience, salary, or luck of the draw. Others chart a more intentional career path, deliberately moving up the ladder
or gaining experience in a variety of settings. How do we move our careers forward; where do we go from here?

July 2005: Getting What You're Worth
Topics here range from advocating for better salaries and pay equity, to earning your own tenure or promotion, to successfully arguing for a raise, to moving to another institution to secure better salary,
benefits, or work/life balance.

The deadline for articles is generally the first Friday of the month before an issue appears, but please do query now so I can ensure that your proposed topic fits the theme and with the other articles in that issue. Send queries (outlining what you intend to write about and why you're a good person to do so) via e-mail to:

Contributor guidelines are available online at Please take a look at some back issues at
before querying, to get a sense of the tone and style of the newsletter.

I look forward to seeing your ideas! New writers, new grads, library school students, and all library workers are welcome. E-mail Rachel at