Thursday, October 07, 2004

CFP - NASIG Annual Conference (2005)

Conference Name: NASIG 2005 Annual Conference (North American Serials Interest Group)
Conference Date: May 19-22, 2005
Conference Location: Minneapolis, MN
Deadline: November 3, 2004

The Program Planning Committee is issuing a second and final targeted call for proposals. After reviewing the proposals we have received during the first call and trying to identify elements of a comprehensive program, the Committee is interested in proposals that address the following topics:

-Funding strategies
-Off-site storage issues related to cataloging, inventory & management
-Helping patrons understand the serials crisis
-New licensing issues
-How to write and respond to RFPs
-Blogs and wikis in libraries, including whether to catalog and/or provide
access, how they are being used
-Archiving debates: PubMED vs LOCKSS vs publisher sites
-Embargo vs open access for NIH articles
-Effect of the aggregator-neutral record on serials cataloging practice
-FRBR and continuing resources
-The idea of seriality in cataloging
-MARC holdings
-Presentation Skills
-Profession in general (recruiting, etc.)

The Program Planning Committee will review all submitted proposals for their content, timeliness, and relevance to the conference theme and reserves the
right to combine, blend, or refocus proposals to maximize their relevance and
to avoid duplication. In addition, the Committee will treat all submissions
as suggestions and guideposts. Time management issues and reimbursement guidelines generally limit each session to two speakers. Also note that proposals may be suggested as one type of session and/or format and ultimately be accepted as any one of the other types of sessions or formats; this decision is the purview of the Program Planning Committee.

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