Thursday, August 05, 2004

Call for Subject Editors: Resources for College Libraries (RCL)

Call for Subject Editors: Resources for College Libraries (RCL)

Call for subject editors for Resources for College Libraries, a new core list of recommended titles for college libraries to be published by CHOICE and ALA Editions. We seek the names of scholars and bibliographers knowledgeable in their general subject areas, and with a wide range of personal and professional contacts among those working in that area. Preference will be given to those with experience in
teaching, bibliography, or collection development. Subject editors will assist in the revision and expansion of the subject classification taxonomy according to which the contents of RCL will be arranged. (Previous versions of this project, printed under the title Books for College Libraries, organized their content according to
Library of Congress subject headings; in RCL, we anticipate expanding the classification scheme to acknowledge the growth and importance of new, and especially interdisciplinary, fields of academic inquiry and teaching.) In addition, the subject editors will take the lead in recruiting contributors for the RCL project, and will work with me to refine their suggestions into a comprehensive list of essential print and electronic resources for a college library.

Please direct any inquiries, as well as nominations for potential subject editors, to the address below.

Description of subject editor responsibilities:
Each subject/disciplinary editor will assist the project editor in identifying areas where the subject taxonomy of BCL3 (which was based on the Library of Congress Subject Headings) needs to be expanded, or have terms added, to adequately reflect the rise of new areas of scholarship and teaching. In addition, the subject editor will recruit and oversee the work of a number of contributors, both librarians and scholars, who will contribute suggestions to a unified core list of essential titles
(print and electronic) for a college library. The subject editor will review these contributions and make suggestions as to additions or deletions to achieve adequate coverage of the subject area. Subject editors will each receive a honorarium and be prominently acknowledged in RCL for their contributions

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Project Editor, Resources for College Libraries
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