Friday, November 20, 2020

CFP: Against the Grain Column about Library Analytics @ATG_NewsChannel

Librarians Researching or Writing about Library Analytics

Proposal Form: 

EBSCO Information Services’ Vice President of SaaS Strategy Tamir Borensztajn and Vice President of Communications Kathleen McEvoy edit a column in Against the Grain called The Future of Libraries is Analytics. We publish six columns each year and are lining up our authors for 2021. 

We thought we’d open up the process so we are issuing a call for papers. Articles can range from 1200 – 2400 words and cover a variety of topics related to library analytics (how they are being used, how they are helping with budgetary issues or collection development, how they are helping library staff show library usage and contribute to library advocacy, etc.). The articles can be new research and case studies, opinion pieces or state of the art updates. We are looking to provide a vehicle for librarians to share their knowledge about and efforts to use analytics. 

Articles can be co-written. As editors, we review the articles for clarity and proofing. 

Here are the due dates for each 2021 issue:

  • February Issue — Content Due January 4th
  • April Issue — Content Due February 15th
  • June Issue — Content Due March 26th
  • September Issue — Content Due June 1st
  • November Issue — Content Due August 1st
  • December 2021/January 2022 — Content Due November 1st


Please fill out the proposal form and our editors will contact you. Proposal Form: