Friday, April 12, 2019

Call for Authors - Informed Librarian Online

The Informed Librarian Online seeks article writers --
                      The Informed Librarian Online  is seeking librarians with something to say to author a one-time "Guest Forum" article for our service. We are looking for practical, helpful articles on an issue of interest to YOU (and our readers). Would you like to write a short article (about 1,000 words) for us?  Librarians from all around the world read the articles in The Informed Librarian Online. 

                 The Informed Librarian Online is a monthly compilation of the most recent tables of contents from over 300 titles - valuable domestic and foreign library and information-related journals, e-journals, magazines, e-magazines, newsletters and e-newsletters. This current awareness service helps keep you informed and abreast of all library trends. It is an easy, timesaving way to tame your professional reading tiger, and is very popular among all types of library and information professionals.
As a small token of our appreciation, the article author would receive a complimentary one year Premium Membership in The Informed Librarian Online.  If you are interested in writing for The Informed Librarian Online, email a brief description of your proposed subject matter.