Monday, May 02, 2016

Call for Presentations on the Engagement between Discovery and the Catalog (within Reference Services) - ALA Annual - Orlando

WHAT: 10-minute Presentations at the Reference Services Section (RSS) Discovery Services Committee Discussion Forum

THEME: Exploring Engagement between Discovery and the Catalog.

WHEN: 2016 ALA Conference in Orlando on Sunday, June 26th, from 3-4 pm.

MORE INFO: For the forum 30 minutes will be reserved for the speakers followed by Q&A and roundtable discussions. Each table will discuss their ideas related to the talks and their reasons and strategies for continuing to rely or not rely on the separate catalog, even though the catalog may be part of a discovery platform.

This discussion forum will consider why, despite the discovery platforms' ability to provide a massive search of library resources, including the library catalog, the catalog still remains as a web presence among most libraries. When librarians offer assistance to their users, there are many who may default to the Library Catalog. This discussion forum aims to explore the various engagements between discovery layers and the traditional library catalog within reference services.

HOW TO APPLY: Please submit the following information:
  • Title of presentation
  • Name, position or title, and email address of the presenter.
  • Proposal description (250 words or less)

Please e-mail proposals to the Committee:

Anne Larrivee (Chair)-
Cynthia Johnson -
Steve Brantley-
Sue Dittmar-
Lesley Looper -

DEADLINE: Friday, May 13.
Those submitting proposals will be notified of their status by May 20.