Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Call for Book Proposals: Purdue Information Literacy Handbooks

Call for Book Proposals:  Purdue Information Literacy Handbooks

Please consider submitting a proposal for a Purdue Information Literacy Handbook!  These books promote evidence-based practice in teaching information literacy competencies through the lens of the different academic disciplines.  We are looking for proposals that:

  • Explore the integration of information literacy in one college discipline
  • Include the perspective of disciplinary experts as well as library or information science professionals
  • Apply library and information science theories, pedagogies, or models to information literacy in the context of an academic discipline
  • Are written for librarians engaged in instruction as well as faculty in a discipline who are including information literacy in undergraduate and graduate learning.

Current publications in this series are:

The series editor is Sharon A. Weiner, W. Wayne Booker Chair in Information Literacy and Professor of Library Science at Purdue University, and Vice-President of the National Forum on Information Literacy.  Inquiries about the series and ideas for new books can be sent to Professor Weiner (  If invited, formal proposals should follow the guidelines laid out by the Press's Editorial Board.  More information is available at