Saturday, February 25, 2012

Call for Applications: Evidence Based Library and Information Practice - Evidence Summaries Writers

Call for Applications: Evidence Based Library and Information Practice - Evidence Summaries Writers

*EBLIP* seeks to add four writers to the Evidence Summaries Team. Evidence Summaries provide critical appraisal syntheses for specific research articles. These research synopses provide readers with information
regarding the original research articles' validity and reliability, thus providing information on the presence or absence of evidence with which to make informed decisions. Evidence Summaries Team members are required to write two evidence summaries per year, with a two year commitment to the journal. Evidence Summaries cover all areas of library and information studies and we encourage applications from information professionals in areas such as school, public, and special libraries, as well as academic settings.

Interested persons should send a statement of interest, indicating areas of strength they would bring to the role, as well as a brief resume to Lorie Kloda (Associate Editor, Evidence Summaries) at by March 20, 2012. Applicants who are shortlisted will be asked to submit a
sample evidence summary.

**Please note that *Evidence Based Library and Information Practice* is a non-profit, open access journal and all positions are voluntary and unpaid. The positions are an excellent opportunity for continuing professional  development and gaining experience in reviewing or critically appraising library-related research.

**Only those applicants who are selected or shortlisted will be contacted by the Editors.

About the journal:

Published quarterly by the University of Alberta, this peer reviewed, open access journal is targeted at all library and information professionals interested in an evidence based model of practice. By facilitating access
to library and information studies research via original research articles and evidence summaries of relevant research from the library literature, *Evidence Based Library and Information Practice* enables information professionals to practice their profession in an evidence-based manner.

Please visit the *Evidence Based Library and Information Practice* website ( for further information about the journal.

Thank you,
Alison Brettle
Editor-in-Chief, EBLIP